In & Out

It’s not just a premium hamburger chain any more. It’s how we spent our day dealing with the hospital, starting at 04:30.

The Long-Suffering Wife is back home again tonight, and that’s a good thing. It was touch and go and she actually was re-admitted this morning, but they think they’ve got the latest issue figured out and corrected, so we’re gonna try this “sleep in our own bed” thing again.

Much better is the fact that the biopsy results are in and they show her to be CANCER FREE! We are not anticipating the need for any follow up treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation. They caught it early, they dealt with it, we have a great doctor, and despite the usual annoyances and delays that are a part of dealing with a huge, complex operation (see what I did there?) like a major hospital in a huge healthcare organization, it went just about as smoothly as could be possibly be hoped for with results that are about the best conceivable given that we’re dealing with cancer to begin with.

See, posting that “FUCK CANCER!” thing last night twice worked! (That was odd by the way – WTF is up with FaceBook with that particular issue?)

Now I really, REALLY need to get some sleep. A third of a night’s sleep combined with three weeks’ worth of adrenaline is highly contraindicated.


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  1. So glad to hear the good news. Hope the minor other bits are, well, minor.
    Sending hugs to all

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