Spring Returns – Day Seven

…so I grabbed a camera – and apparently got enough pictures to fill up almost a whole week of posts! (I think this is the last of them.)

So maybe that’s not quite true. It was the last of the photos from the batch that I took last Sunday, but looking out the back window late this afternoon, in the drizzly, grey gloom that we’re back into off and on, I thought that an update was in order after an additional week’s growth.

The little tree (Japanese plum?) has burst out even more, and some of those dark red leaves are now evident.

Isn’t chlorophyll green? Isn’t that the whole point, how the trees get energy to convert water & nutrients & CO2 to sugar and O2? Granted, I’m a physics guy and biology always seemed a bit foreign, but I don’t understand the dark reddish-brown leaf thing.

On the other hand, if it’s an alien from another planet plant, THAT I could get behind!! And if that’s so, can I get a Triffid as well?

The crab apple tree (I think? maybe cherries?) is also bursting with flowers.

This in turn is bringing back the hummingbirds, which I dearly love to watch.

The honkin’ big tree of indeterminate species is filling out very quickly.

There was also quite the collection of birds up there. I thought I saw the yellow-rumped warbler again, but there were also mockingbirds, sparrows, and wrens. On Sunday when we had our first BBQ of the year there was a woodpecker at work. The crows are back in the neighborhood (even if they’re not down on the ground on our front porch), as are the hawks.

No sign of the Freds today, which wasn’t surprising, given the chill and lack of sun.

Finally, I sent the “Day Five” post about the yellow-rumped warbler to the SFV Audubon site after I wrote it and asked if I got it right. Jim Houghton was nice enough to take a look and confirm that my analysis was correct. Thanks!

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