Spring Returns – Day Six

Spring had arrived (officially, Wednesday, the day after my birthday), at least for a couple of days. After one of the rainiest and coldest winters recorded in Los Angeles, followed by extremely windy conditions for a few days, we actually got a couple of relatively calm days this past weekend where it got up about 80°F. (More heavy rain, thunderstorms, chilly temps rolled in mid-week, with more coming this weekend, and next week, and next weekend…) While it was nice and warm, I wandered out and noticed that the yard was responding to the warm up by coming to life, so I grabbed a camera – and apparently got enough pictures to fill up almost a whole week of posts! (I think this is the last of them.)

With the warmth, out came a couple of the Freds. I saw the Tree Fred from the kitchen, but he had boogied for cover by the time I went out. However, this guy was soaking up the rays on the sidewalk.

These guys won’t let me get anywhere near them, unlike the ones at the old house. Not a big enough sample size to know if it’s nature or nurture – are those pinhead-sized brains capable of learning that I’m harmless and enjoy looking at them, or are these guys just more skittish?

Yeah, sneaking up behind me isn’t going to work either. This was the point where I took about one-half step forward and he was into those bushes at Warp Six.

Farewell until the next sunny day in the back yard!


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2 responses to “Spring Returns – Day Six

  1. Saw a lovely quote this morning, by Charles Dickens, no less. Along the lines – the best March spring days are winter in the shade but summer in the sun.

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