Spring Returns – Day Ten

For the second Sunday in a row it was nice and warm and sunny. Last week that inspired me to go out and shoot pictures of the back yard budding and blooming and waking up to the warmer temps. (See that box over on the right that says “Recent Post”?) This Sunday, since getting out of the house and walking around in the sun makes my watch happy, I did the front yard. (One must keep one’s watch happy!)

Down by the end of the driveway there’s another type of sage bush. My current best guess from internet image surfing is that it’s a Cleveland sage.

I’m guessing that’s not the Cleveland in Ohio – not a lot of desert plants there the last time I drove through.

As with the Mexican sage by the front door, this one is often covered in bees. It’s a good thing.

Interesting commute. With all of the bees, I wonder where the honey is stored around here.

Does someone actually have a hive in the area? Or is there something hidden in the walls of a neglected shed, just waiting for an accident?

Either way, as long as I don’t have to deal with the stinging and buzzing, I’m glad to have the little guys around.

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One response to “Spring Returns – Day Ten

  1. That looks like English Rosemary to me. I’ll try to get a photo of mine, nearly in bloom, and you can compare 😉

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