Spring Returns – Day Twelve

For the second Sunday in a row it was nice and warm and sunny this last weekend. The previous weekend that warmth and wonderful weather inspired me to go out and shoot pictures of the back yard as it budded and bloomed and woke up to the warmer temps. (You can go see those earlier posts by looking in that box over on the right that says “Recent Post” – after reading this one, of course.) This last Sunday, since getting out of the house and walking around in the sun makes my smartass watch happy, I did the front yard. (For the record, wandering around the front yard on your knees with a camera taking pictures of “weeds” and bees will make the neighbors look at you oddly. This is to be encouraged.)

In addition to the teeny-tiny, itsy-bitsy, little yellow flowers scattered across the front yard, there are also the bane of every golf course on the planet, the common dandelion.

I’m not sure what the fuss is – I’ve always thought that they were quite pretty, and I love blowing on them and spreading the seeds into the wind when they start to die.

These had some sort of tiny bugs hiding in the petals. They weren’t ants, but I’m not sure what they were, aside from camera shy.


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2 responses to “Spring Returns – Day Twelve

  1. Did you know there are a large number of species of dandelion. You can tell most of them by comparing leaf shape 🙂 Pollen beetles love yellow flowers…

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