Red Vines

This is on our kitchen counter and caught the attention of my psychotic brain:

It’s the “Original Red” label that made my brain go “ping!”

Are there Red Vines® that aren’t red?

If so, are they still “Red Vines,” or are they just “Red Vines®”?

If the latter, are they allowed to vote or make campaign contributions under Citizens United?

Is this the new Red Menace?

Should I have had that Ace Pineapple Hard Cider® before writing this? It probably made much more sense then…


Filed under Farce, Paul

2 responses to “Red Vines

  1. Ronnie

    Yes, there are grape & black vines

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    • But are they still “Red Vines” if they’re not red? This is like one of those logic questions that Spock would ask the evil planet-ruling AI to make it start spewing sparks and muttering “it does not compute!” before blowing up and violating the Prime Directive


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