A Journey Of Discovery

Well, to be honest…

“Journey” might be a bit of a stretch. More like a “commute.”

And it’s not just Discovery. It’s Sports, Evoques, a Velar, and the old fashioned Range Rovers.

Tjree years ago there was a time when I was seeing Maseratis everywhere and commented on it. It turned out at the time that they had just introduced an “affordable” model (which I believe to be a shitty business decision, but that’s a topic for a different day) and there really were a whole lot more of them around than normal.

Now it’s Range Rovers.

I understand that LA might not be Omaha or even Denver or Raleigh-Durham. For example, these days Teslas are literally a dime a dozen around here. In my fifteen minute, six mile commute to work, I’ll see dozens of them every day. Granted, I see more Chevys and Fords than I do Teslas, but compared to how many Teslas I saw in Raleigh-Durham, they’re everywhere.

Other makes are more rare. A Ferrari or a Lamborghini? Every once in a while, a few times a year maybe, and they’re attention getters. On the other hand, some of these vehicles only have a couple hundred cars produced by hand per year, so even seeing one is pretty rare.

Somewhere in the middle are the cars that you see every now and then, but they’re not common. They’re also not really that head turning. For example, I drive a Volvo C70 convertible so I might tend to notice other Volvos, but I can go days and weeks at a time without noticing one. They don’t sell that many.

In that  category are the Range Rovers. My old office was across the street from one of the only dealers in LA so I would see them all the time out my office window, but rarely on the street. Until this month.

Are they having a Buy One Get One free sale or something? Or is this just the most bizarre selection effect going for some reason?

From “oh, there’s one” every now and then to “shit, I’m surrounded!” in just a matter of days got my attention. And once I started noticing, we’re hip deep in them. Literally every single commute to or from the office I’m seeing two or three dozen. Different colors and models, but a large number of them have the new paper, temporary plates.

They’re not cheap vehicles, but they’re nice. I’m just not sure why the number that I see on the street has so noticeably skyrocketed.

Maybe I should go check out that BOGO thing?

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