The Red Roses Remain

When we moved in last year I don’t remember the roses by the driveway being in bloom, and we only had a couple of scraggly blooms in the following nine or ten months. For the longest time I don’t think that I believed that they were actually still alive. Then they started blooming like crazy about two months ago, all different colors, and they’ve been a real joy to see every day.

It could well be that they were blooming when we moved in and I just didn’t notice – one might recall that I was pretty much balancing on my last remaining nerve 24/7 during those couple of months.

But now, the yellows and whites and pinks and orange-ishs have come and gone. There are still some raggedy, browning, dying blooms on some of the bushes. But the red roses remain in good shape.

I might rarely have time to stop and smell the roses – but I always make time to stop and take pictures of them!

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Filed under Flowers, Photography

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