Vermont Panorama – Marshfield Dam Reservoir

You might find yourself north on US Highway 2 from the Montpelier area up through Marshfield (and you MUST stop at Rainbow Sweets!!), perhaps headed toward Cabot to get some cheese and you find a wonderful little park with a place to launch a boat…

(Click to see The Big Picture!)

Out there, if you look very closely, you’ll see the head of a loon floating along. The bird, not the loon behind the camera.

Maybe next time you’ll bring a kayak and make a day of it, looking to go out cruising with the loons, looking for a moose in the shallows at sundown. If you get some English toffee or jalapeno cheddar, it’s gravy.

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  1. One day, when our respective administrations have gained some sense and respectability again, I will venture to New England and explore these gorgeous spots. There’s optimism for you.
    Hope you’re feeling better now.

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