Naked Plenum & T-Bar

Any number of sins can be hidden above those ceiling tiles, up where the plenum air is rare.

Duct work. Insulation. Pipes. Conduit.

So you thought Bruce Willis might be crawling around up there with a machine gun. (Yes, it IS a Christmas movie, even if you’ll never see it on the Hallmark Channel!)

Highly unlikely, unless Bruce has lost a truly significant amount of weight.

Not sure what that T-bar grid is rated for in terms of weight capacity, but I’ll guarantee that it’s in the tens of pounds, not in the hundreds. It doesn’t take much to bring it all down, if that’s what you’re in the mood for.

Lots of interesting things can be hidden up there, some for aesthetic reasons, some for more mischievous reasons. (Poor Mr. Barstow – never did find that radio we hid up there in high school algebra class one day.)


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2 responses to “Naked Plenum & T-Bar

  1. What!!!??? Hide a radio in an algebra class, up in the ceiling? Shocking!

    We hid mine under the floorboards in the Geography class….. :O

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