We found a new place to eat last Sunday. The food was very good, interesting, different – but also different was the door to the restaurant.

It was a mosaic of cells, each about 6 inches by 6 inches, and each filled with a different sort of seeds or nuts or spices.

On the one hand I found it beautiful and fascinating – on the other hand, I had questions. Like, how do you keep tiny critters (mice, bugs, etc) from getting in to eat the nuts? What about mold?

I didn’t ask. I just went with it being different, interesting, unique (at least, to me), and pretty.

That was enough.


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2 responses to “Door

  1. I’ve just been vacuum packing a number of things for moving using those lovely bags. I get a strange sort of pleasure applying the vacuum cleaner to them and watching them all shrink.

    Maybe they do the same with the cells.

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