More Stupid Pictures From Inside A Car Wash

Never let it be said that I wasn’t easily amused!

Day Two at the new job was still a flood of new information but there was a bit of settling in, which is a good thing.

Afterward, I was a little out of gas, but my car was way, WAY out of gas. Since the station with the lowest current prices (while yet remaining exorbitant!) also had a drive-through car wash, I took the opportunity to get rid of two month’s worth of dust and grime.

As I saw on a bumper sticker the other day, “My car isn’t dirty! It’s drought tolerant!!”

Is that the eye of Sauron beckoning me from beyond the huge, flapping, rubber brushes? Or just the guy in front of me deciding that he’s going to back up into me instead of going out through the blower?


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2 responses to “More Stupid Pictures From Inside A Car Wash

  1. Wonderful pictures – love them!


  2. berich56

    About a year ago I ran my car thru the car wash. The moron in his truck in front of me decided that he wanted to make sure the blowers dried everything and stopped. Here I am being pushed towards this stopped truck. I hit the brakes and laid on the horn, after about 3 up and over the tracks he drove out. They are everywhere!!

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