Party #3 With Babies & Virga

That was quite the wedding! A good time was truly had by all.

Today was the third party in three days, this time for The Long-Suffering Wife’s family.

Again the back yard in our entertainment-friendly home was pressed into service – again a good time was had by all. There were babies there as well, which explains the stroller/jumper that had been sitting in the living room (a serious source of conversation for those visiting for the first party!). In addition to the brunch and mimosas and champagne, there was T-ball, coloring books, and a little bit of poop.

There was also virga, much to my surprise.

Yesterday the amount and scope of the virga in the area was much, MUCH larger and we actually got some brief showers earlier in the day when I was taking people back and forth to the wedding venue. Imagine my surprise when, with 0.00% chance of rain in the forecast for the next ten days, we had to worry a bit about rain (it was a partially outdoor venue) when for weeks we had been worrying about the threat of fire.

Finally, did *I* have a good time at my daughter’s wedding?

(Photo taken by my brother-in-law)

You bet your ass I did!

(Yes, I also tied that bow tie all by myself, for better or for worse. Why do you ask?)

Now to get folks to the airport, back on the road home, or off to their next vacation destination. We’re in the home stretch!



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3 responses to “Party #3 With Babies & Virga

  1. That’s a lovely photo of you. And I’m glad you all had a good time!

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  2. berich56

    Congrats to your daughter and her new husband. I’m glad the rain held off :-} and that everybody had a good time.

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    • The rain thing was truly bizarre – 0.0000000% chance of even clouds for 500 miles and we woke up to hear them talking about hail and thunderstorms in Huntington Beach and Pomona! The rogue line of moisture finally drifted over us and we got a few minutes of sprinkles and then it was gone, off to harass Santa Barbara. Mother Nature just keeping us on our toes!


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