Discombobulated Again

Some days…

I don’t even remember what got me off balance to begin with, but about the time I hit my office door this morning I realized that I had left the house without breakfast, and more importantly, without my Diet Coke.

That’s one of the differences between the new office and the old – there are a lot more people in the new office and the kitchen refrigerator is pretty much the same size. So my habit of leaving a six-pack or more is somewhat less than practical. But when I forget to bring one in…

So at lunch, after dealing (more or less successfully) with a number of “challenges,” I went out to find a grocery store.

Which was easy enough. One cold Diet Coke from the freezer section, a couple of six packs to stick in my office, some granola bars for those times when I get a bit hangry…

Only to realize that my wallet was in my coat pocket while my coat was still hanging on the back of the chair back in my office. It had been chilly and foggy when I left home, but by lunchtime it was not. I think that the look on my face said everything to the poor guy at the checkout register.

A quick search of the car showed that there was extremely little cash onboard – I’m *SO* glad that I cleaned it out a couple of weeks ago and dumped that $30+ in loose change into the CoinStar machine! I had just enough to stop at a gas station and pick up a single cold Diet Coke for lunch…

…at which point my shoelace broke while walking back across the parking lot.

So, the laughter might have had a tinge of hysteria at that point.

Hangry, under caffeinated, gimpy with a jury rigged shoelace, I carried on and made it through the day.

How did your day go?

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