Yesterday’s morning commuting weather fit my mood and state for the past week, month, bunch of months.

Foggy. Hazy.

On the other hand, when I have a moment to step back and take stock, I’m a bit astonished at how much I’m getting done, especially given the cotton candy fuzz that my brain seems to always be muddling through.

I got a gazillion things done and loose ends wrapped up at my old job before leaving (plus that whole TV shoot on site thing). Things are going very, VERY well at my new job even though it seems like we’re going at 200 mph from the time I hit the door every day. (The learning curve is a bitch!)

We got that wedding thing done! It was a huge success! With parties the day before and the day after! And relatives in town all week!

I’m even making progress on getting caught up in my volunteer gig at the CAF hangar, aiming toward the year-end close coming up.

And all while not being 100% sure which way is up half the time and not being able to remember my own name, let alone those of all my new coworkers, the other half of the time.

I guess it just proves the line from “Bull Durham” to be true.

“Don’t think. You can only hurt the ball club.”


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