Maintenance Hangar After Dark

It’s the off season for air shows and most of our ride programs. It’s time for annual inspections and maintenance. After hours tonight the new hangar had a large party going in it (event location rentals are a significant source of our operating revenue), the museum hangar was dark, but the maintenance hangar was still bustling with activity.

The PBJ bomber’s starboard engine has been re-hung and is being prepped for testing. Both props just got checked and are on a holding stand on the left.

Our SNJ-5 “290” was pulled in for some routine maintenance.

Our new PT-19 trainer is being checked out thoroughly before being put into the fleet.

The F6F Hellcat (wings folded) is undergoing her annual, while the little Navion is having her prop worked on. Off in the distance, the party was going strong, with guests walking in getting a chance to see the aircraft inside.

Never a dull moment with sixteen aircraft!

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