No Context For You – December 30th

As the end of 2019 (and the end of the decade? a pedantic rant for another day, perhaps) comes barreling at us like a runaway freight train, everyone’s doing those “best of the year” and “best of the decade” lists and on and on…

It’s too much work.

But, I did see one suggestion I liked. Instead of looking forward and making resolutions for 2020, look back to 2019 and see what happened that you never saw coming or never thought would come true.

Good one.

In my case, the answer to that was obvious. Since starting college, I’ve worked at four places and was at one of them for twenty-seven years. Being approached by a recruiter, following through the application, getting involved in the process, getting a new job and leaving the old one was ***HUGE*** for me. And before mid June I wouldn’t have thought it was likely in a million years.

What happened to you this year that came straight out of left field?

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