What’s The Over/Under?

Sending text messages to friends and family in the last week, we found the Easter Egg in the iOS Messages app. (It wasn’t hard, this was not an achievement of spectacular investigative skills.)

When you type “Happy New Year,” you get:

It’s about a five-second fireworks display. Cute! I love fireworks!

It apparently doesn’t trigger if you’re just got the “Happy New Years” phrase embedded in a longer text. My guess was that it would work for a day or two around January 1st, but I was surprised to see it still working today.

So, what’s the over/under on when it stops working? January 10th? January 31st? March 31st? July? Thanksgiving?

I’ll be testing. Feel free to help. Text “Happy New Year!” to me every few days. Yeah, the Apple and Google and Facebook and Cambridge Analytica systems that are watching every keystroke will think that we’re weird as hell – but that’s probably a good thing.

(It’s also not inaccurate.)

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