Pencil Tree Flowers

Out on the back porch are some succulents planted in huge clay pots that I somehow haven’t managed to kill. (I’m famous for this.)

The most vibrant and healthy of these is a pencil tree that started out the size of my hand and is now the size of a suitcase. This weekend it decided to bloom, which I hadn’t seen before.

These things are somewhat popular in gardens and drought resistant gardens – they also can grow huge, up to tree sized, with a trunk that’s three feet around and growing up to thirty feet tall.

They also can be a bit nasty. If you break one open (or try to cut down one of those tree-sized ones) be aware that the sap is toxic and can cause serious skin irritation and blindness if it gets into your eyes.

I would probably be getting rid of this one if we had pets or small children, but we don’t, so I won’t.

I just thought it was neat to see the small flowers, and how the ones that had bloomed first looked like they had literally burnt out.

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