Lizard Time

It’s been a while. Let’s look at a lizard.

I haven’t seen a lot of lizards at the house in several months. It’s been cool and cloudy more often than not. However, this big boy was spotted right outside the hangar doors at the CAF site on Saturday when I was there to pick up the mail.

I know that these guys are out in the area (hell, they’re EVERYWHERE out here) but they usually are pretty shy and skittish if there are any folks anywhere nearby so I’ve never actually seen them anywhere near the hangar. It’s only now with the place about 99.9% shut down that I stumbled on him.

On the other hand, he wasn’t shy about standing his ground. I only saw his head moving a bit to track me as I walked around. I kept waiting for him to bolt – he never did!

Since I was just doing an in-and-out visit and he had found a perfectly sunny spot to warm up, I bid him a fair adieu.

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