Tuesday Lizard

Is everyone a little scattered, a little unfocused, a little off kilter?

The economy’s going into the toilet? Tens of thousands dead, headed toward hundreds of thousands, and it was 90% preventable if we didn’t have an evil, corrupt, ignorant cult in charge of our country? And we’re in our fifth (sixth?) week of working from home and sheltering in place?

Remember, this guy doesn’t give a shit. He’s giving me the side eye because I have that whole “much bigger than you and a potential predator” thing going for me and he would be just as happy to not be eaten, but COVID-19 and the GOP? Nada. Zip. Zilch.

However, on a more upbeat note, especially regarding lizards…

First of all, if you’re on Twitter and you like lizards, you should be following @Afro_Herper, who tweets out a ton of interesting things about lizards. She’s delightful! Even better, every Wednesday afternoon she posts a picture on Twitter and we play #FindThatLizard, sort of a “Where’s Waldo?” with scales and a tail.

After watching a bunch of lizards running around the yard yesterday, we had this exchange:


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2 responses to “Tuesday Lizard

  1. Oh, how adorable. I never knew that!

    We need a selfie of your territorial stand-off, or should I say push-up-off?

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