Happy 7th Birthday, WLTSTF!

April 29, 2013, first post. I think this year more than any other since then I can relate to how and why I started this site as my world was turning upside down and the foundations of my zeitgeist was crumbling. Only now it’s not just me.

Since then…

A couple of cancer surgeries in the family, both successful. My mother passing away.

Many, many, many trips. New York. Vermont. Virginia. Kansas City. Shanghai. Seoul. Kyoto.

Five NASA Socials. One total solar eclipse. Several lunar eclipses. Many pretty pictures of conjunctions and ISS passes.

Two new jobs and many new friends and challenges.

Many concerts and sporting events.

2,649 posts in 2,557 days. Some profound. Most not.

Thousands and thousands of pictures. A few videos, audio files, and supposedly clever Tweets.

And all of the folks who read and comment and have come along for the ride.

I try not to be boring. I’ll try harder next year.



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4 responses to “Happy 7th Birthday, WLTSTF!

  1. Try less. Relax. We enjoy it anyway 🙂
    Congrats on 7 years. What a lot of changes.
    Keep rocking
    Jemima xxx

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  2. berich56

    Happy Birthday to WLTSTF!! I was going to insert a birthday cake but the site wouldn’t let me.

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