Done With April

Like, I am absolutely SOOOOOOOOO done with April!

This freefall thing sort of sucks. I know who I blame, and it’s not even an individual, but a whole cadre of evil MFers who are destroying the country and the society that I grew up loving and respecting and believing in.

So 2016 sucked, 2017 was bad, 2018 was really bad, 2019 just was a nightmare, and then January was horrible, February was worse, March felt like it was ten years of bad road, and now April…

It’s not you, April, it’s us. Truly. I’m sure you’re a perfectly good month that just happened to get corrupted and infected by a particularly bad case of MAGAts. You’ll get a chance to make up for it next year as we try to rebuild.

In the meantime, your more or less every other day reminder that there is beauty in the world, even if the news doesn’t show it, and that the bees and flowers and everything non-human are doing just fine.

Most of the roses just grow one at time – this one’s a three-fer!

Love this shade of red-orange-something.

It’s always surprising to me that two roses on the same plant can have such different subtle color variations.

Something about the depth of field and composition on this one grabbed my fancy!

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