Front Yard Bunny

Going out just after sunset, I want to see if it’s clear. Is the moon up? (Yes.) Is Venus up? (Yes) Is the sunset pretty? (Meh.)

Last night, instead I got a bunny.

Over there by the cars. As soon as I come out, he freezes.

I’m not going to spook him, but I’ll zoom a bit.

If I don’t move, you can’t see me! Right?

Well, no. As soon as I move, he’s under the cars, through the rose bushes, and into the neighbor’s yard. Good luck munching over there, Bugs! That astroturf has a bit of a plastic aftertaste I’ll bet!

Tonight, no bunnies in the front yard. The reason was obvious – Major was out there instead! Major is some sort of a mastiff “puppy” who lives down the hill. He’s still growing, as cute as can be, a real playful beast, “beast” being the operative term. He may be less than a year old and still growing, but you could put a saddle on him and I could ride him.

Tonight he had obviously seen the bunny, which is why I found him up near the house with his owner trying (and failing) to drag him back to the sidewalk. “Bunnies?” I asked. She was apologetic and promised to get him off our lawn. Not a problem, I wasn’t upset, I understand the dynamic. Then Major remembered that I’m the guy that likes to play, which is true, but in these socially distanced days I thought discretion was the better part of valor and retreated back into the house.

I’m assuming the bunny, having seen 100+ pounds of friendly (or not) “puppy” coming at them on the dead run, was now somewhere around Long Beach.

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