Mercury & Venus

Mercury’s climbing (slowly-ish).

In mid-twilight (20:40 after sunset at 19:55) Venus stands out, but Mercury is just becoming visible.

It’s passed Venus now, higher and to the left.

If you want a simple demonstration of the planets moving, just show someone matching pictures from the last three nights.

Ten minutes later, it’s easier to spot Mercury. But again, it’s a race between night and the horizon. It’s just not that far away from the Sun, and never will be from our viewpoint.

Venus, on the other hand, is diving toward the morning sky like a bat out of hell. Given the surface conditions on Venus, “hell” is a perfectly good description.

But for that couple of minutes they’re still high enough to be above the trees and hills, but it’s just barely dark enough to let them shine through.

Wait a day. It will change again.

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