Planetary Bodies Moving On

This will be the last night that I can fit all of these objects into the 70mm “wide” angle view on the 70-300 telephoto lens.

Venus (way down in the lower right) will only be visible for a few more nights before reappearing in a couple of weeks in the morning sky.

The moon moves quite a bit from night to night, so tomorrow it will be high out of this view at sunset.

Only tiny, faint-ish Mercury, visible just to the right of the top of the cedar tree at the center of the frame, will be more or less in the same position for the next few nights, before it follows Venus toward the morning sky.

A short exposure shows the moon for the crescent it is, easily visible now, a delight to see hanging in the evening sky. Blow up the picture to see craters and details along the terminator.

A longer exposure will show how the dark part of the moon is partially visible in reflected earthshine. This has always been one of my favorite, simple things to see in the night sky.

Farewell, y’all. Without a doubt your travels and Newton’s laws of motion will bring you back together again some day soon.


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2 responses to “Planetary Bodies Moving On

  1. Lovely pics. Venus has already disappeared from where I am, and I have a better western skyline than I used to have. It’s too light when she’s still above the horizon to have a chance of locating Mercury. But at least I looked 🙂

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