We Need That Tree To Be Tall

Following my post of a picture of our cedar trees yesterday, long time reader and commenter and author and generally wonderful human being Jemima Pett commented:

“Now if you just trim the top off flat… there.. it’ll do for the Close Encounters models of the meeting place!”

This is correct and true, and also assumes 100% correctly that I would love to be the guy going to meet the little grey/green dudes with those big black eyes and their very own starship. (Why does my autocorrect still think that “starship” is not a word in my dictionary? Has it not been paying attention lo these many years??!!)

However, no matter how factually accurate Jemima’s comment is, there are two major factors preventing such actions in the real world.

  1. Our landlord – we don’t own the house and are renting after going through ***HELL*** two years ago when we sold our house.
  2. The finches use those trees to announce their presence with authority.

This one was in his full blown, bright red chest feathers, “Look at me! I’M VIRILE!!” mode.

It was about sunset – that helps the hues a bit but they really are getting that bright and that loud. It’s quite marvelous.

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One response to “We Need That Tree To Be Tall

  1. Well, of course, I wouldn’t dream of upsetting the finches. Who knows where that might end???

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