The Finches Have Been Busy Again

Maybe it’s the SoCal weather, maybe they’re just randy little flying fuzzballs, but Mama Finch is back on the nest.

Back in February and March we had four pairs in four different nests under the eaves of our back porch. I’m not sure all four ended up with families, but at least two of them did.

They all sort of went about their way in late April and early May. They were all still flying about, noisy, doing bird things, but I never saw them up by the nests.

Until about two weeks ago, when it was just like February all over. Just two of the four nests seem to be occupied this time, but Daddy Finch is out there perching on the fridge and the BBQ and the porch chairs and making quite the ruckus while Mama Finch can be seen all day long sitting in the nest.

I had suspicions.

Today when I went out into the back yard to take out the trash, Mama Finch took off as she is wont to do. I figured that I had a few seconds to take a quick peek before she came back and tried to poke my eyes out.

The hummingbirds next door only had two eggs. The finches have been BUSY, if you know what I mean!

The incubation period for finches is 13-14 days, and we’ve seen Mama on guard for at least five or six days, so I give it another week. Stand by, news developments to follow.

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