Mama Finch On Duty

Unless we open the back door or otherwise disturb her, here she sits for hours and hours on end.

Do birds get bored?

She can see me at the kitchen sink, so within seconds of being there I get that stink eye stare.

She’ll shift around a bit, but there’s not a lot of room.

As it gets warmer in the afternoon (this was about 13:30) she’ll rise up a bit and spread her wings a bit.

When it really gets warm (it got up to 84°F today) she raises way up and has her mouth open, presumably for cooling for both her and for the eggs underneath her.

When it cools off and starts to get dark, she settles down again and gives me the, “Really, dude? You’ve been taking pictures all freakin’ day! Give it a rest!!” look.

Looking forward to seeing the family in a few days.

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