NOT Roses

I know far more about birds and critters than I do about flowers (which is not to say that I know much about birds and critters, just far more), but I know enough to know these aren’t roses.

Whatever they are, they’ve shown up in our yard at the edge of the rose garden down by the street. They’re stunning!

We’re just at the two year point for moving in here and this is the first time I’ve ever seen these bloom. Surprise!!


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3 responses to “NOT Roses

  1. Karen Rodgers

    Those are gladiolas. One of my favorite flowers.

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  2. Yep, gladioli. Gladiolus in the singular. If you want them to continue coming up every year and flowering, you occasionally need to dig them up and replant a little deeper. They grow from corms which form one of top of the old one, so when they get too near the surface, they stop flowering. I reckon with the size of those you’ve got a few years yet, though 🙂
    I LOVE gladioli!


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