More Roses

It was a quiet Father’s Day. This is good.

There were calls from the kids, lots of Chiefs football repeats on TV, and a LOT of NOT thinking about work.

I hope you also were able to have some down time and relaxation. Perhaps even a touch of well-deserved sloth.

Plenty of time for stress tomorrow morning. Plenty of time next week for seeing how much the world we’re in is different from the world we WANT to be in, and seeing what we can do about rectifying that situation.


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One response to “More Roses

  1. Dave Flood

    Paul – saw a rave review in “The Week”
    For a new book on birds titled
    “What It’s Like to be A Bird” –
    by David Allen Silbey (renowned
    ornithologist and illustrator).
    Quotes: “sprightly information-packed”;
    “…lifts it into the realm of art” –
    speaking of the 330 illustrations,
    As accurate as John James
    Audubon’s – “but more alive.”



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