That’s the word of the day. It fits.

My phone started nagging me this evening because it can tell that I wasn’t on my way to downtown LA to see “Hamilton” at the Pantages.

It can tell that because it can read my email, but apparently it’s not smart enough to read the news and understand that “Hamilton” has been cancelled due to the 128,000 dead Americans and total lack of any sort of sane response by the excuse that passes for the US government right now.

But that’s not what I came here to talk about.

That’s a somewhat… “disturbing?” image that was on my screen when that nagging message showed up, wouldn’t you say?

Actually, it’s quite wonderful, in a disturbing sort of way. It’s what I was watching, while waiting at a great BBQ restaurant pickup lot, waiting for a birthday dinner. (The birthday, not mine, was a high point of the day, BTW.) I was watching it because one of the folks I follow religiously on FaceBook and Twitter recommended it:

On FaceBook, he said, “Trust me.” Yes, you should. This is truly fucking awesome. And bizarro.


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