Back To The Other Critters

With the finch nest empty, it’s time to note for the record that the yard is far from empty of critters.

We have so many freakin’ bunnies, it stopped being funny weeks ago. Step out of the front door about sunset and there will be at least four or five, plus the couple in the back yard. If I get lucky when I go out to stargaze after sunset, there might be eight or ten. They love the lawn – they hate me.

The lizards, however, are getting more friendly.

First of all, there are more of them. The first summer we were in here I noticed a few, which I liked, since we had dozens of them running around the yard at our old house. Last year, not so many, just a few. But this summer a lot more or back. On the 5th when I was out checking for the missing terrordactyl chicks in the bushes I must have spooked over a dozen lizard dudes.

At the old house I would always stop and talk to the lizards. Because… Whatever, either you get it or you don’t. Yes, I have friendly conversations with the lizards. They never laugh at my jokes, but neither do they diss them, so I figure I’m ahead on points. Real or not, it sure seemed to me that the lizards at the old house recognized me, realized I wasn’t a threat, and after prolonged exposure to my presence (or being stunned by my terrible Dad jokes) they wouldn’t run away unless I got really close or was somehow acting threatening.

Several of the current lizard crop seem to be displaying the same behavior. There’s one in the front yard that won’t skitter away until I’m within a yard or so, and if I stop he’ll sit there all day. (“Oh, god, not HIM again! Why is he talking to me? I just want to sit here in peace and sun my exothermic little butt! Is that too much to ask?”)

Another one in the back yard almost got stepped on by accident he was so reluctant to run away. Maybe he’s the one that likes the jokes? Or he was looking for a handout? What do you feed the lizard who has everything?

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  1. I’m trying to think of whether there’s anything in my garden I don’t talk to. I don’t think I’ve talked to the azalea yet. Unless I told it it was beautiful when it was in flower.

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