The Final Roses

As the comet fades and vanishes from our skies (but remember, with binoculars you should still be able to spot it for a couple of weeks!) so do the roses that grow next to the driveway.

It’s gotten hot and dry in SoCal, and while these get some drip irrigation, they’re not going to be blooming much until it cools off and gets moist on a regular basis.

As always, I rather like these roses, not despite the fact that they’re imperfect and a bit ratty, but because of it.

They are fist-sized chunks of beauty and color in a year that is mountain-sized chunks of dreck.

From bud to bloom to blight in just a couple of weeks, but oh so glorious while they’re here.

And even when they’re gone, their memory lingers and brings enjoyment, while their spiky bushes promise beauty to come in days ahead.


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2 responses to “The Final Roses

  1. They’re a gorgeous colour… not unlike the lilies I’ve discovered growing outside my window. Thank you, previous owner!

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