What’s In Your Bug Out Bag?

The start of brush fire season, the recent (relatively minor) earthquake, the newly aggressive and expanded hurricane season (I know, Florida, East Coast, Hawaii, all a long way away from here, but hey, 2020 in case you haven’t noticed!!), and the potential for an actual alien invasion of lizard folks who like think humans are tasty (again, first of all, 2020, and secondly, I would like to point out to our new reptilian overlords how well we have treated the lizards in the yard!) all have reminded me that it’s time to rotate out the supplies in our “bug out bags.”

These are the five backpacks (one for each family member, even though the kids don’t live here any more, and we used to have a sixth for the pets, but they’re gone, but maybe we should put that sixth one back for the SIL just in case, because, you know, 2020, reptilian overlords, etc) which we keep stocked with emergency food and water as well as flashlights, first aid kits, gloves, toilet paper, duct tape (don’t get the TP and DT mixed up!), masks, and so on.

The stuff coming out should still be good (especially the chocolate, which as we all know NEVER goes bad) so it will get eaten, while the supplies will be replenished with fresh replacements and we’ll be good for another year.

Should we put in some Purina Lizard Chow, just to be safe?

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One response to “What’s In Your Bug Out Bag?

  1. Yes. You never know with lizards. Besides, there’s probably nothing in there you can’t eat if it gets that bad…


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