In Search Of Focus

If this isn’t symbolic of this entire year, I don’t know what is.

Practically, I was “playing” with the camera trying to get my astrophotography in better focus, then trying to take a picture of the lens settings using my cell phone when I got it right. That was the theory.

In reality, not only was I having ongoing problems with the astrophotographs being out of focus but the photos I was trying to take to troubleshoot it were also out of focus.

It was very meta.

And it occurred to me that it’s symbolic of this entire year, like a waking nightmare where we pray we’re dreaming because that would mean that we can wake up, but we know that it’s not a dream but we have to wake up from it anyway. Nothing makes sense, but we’re being bombarded with emotions and overwhelmed with a roller coaster ride between terror and joy, desperation and hope, wondering if every moment of love will be our last while knowing that every moment of hatred and anger will be followed by more, sooner or later.

Time to make the reality we’re desperate for, to do the work no matter how hard, to run the race no matter how long.

If we don’t, we’ll die.

Or worse.

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