ID-ing A New Backyard Bird

It’s been a wild summer for backyard birding at the Willett compound! We had the finch nest to watch for months. We had a hummingbird nest earlier. Then came the weird call of an unknown bird, that turned out to almost certainly be a Northern Bobwhite Quail. (Never actually saw it, just heard it for a few days – haven’t heard it recently.) The owls were back a couple of nights ago, in the trees just outside our back yard, REALLY loud.

Then there are all of the other usual suspects out and about.

In the midst of all of that, a week or two ago I saw a newcomer. It took a couple of days to get some good pictures.

Slightly smaller than a mockingbird, but dark grey with an all white belly and a split tail.

Without a decent picture, the online searches and the Merlin Bird ID app can only make so-so guesses.

“About mockingbird sized, split tail, dark grey or black with white belly” comes up with a number of options.

Sometimes on the ground, often on that chair (a lot of birds are liking that spot), sometimes in the tree.

Patience is a virtue (not one of my strongest ones, for the record) and I finally got some good photos.

What are you, little guy?

Who knew, a flycatcher breed, a Black Phoebe to be specific! Not a lot of water around here, except for maybe the (usually empty) Chatsworth Reservoir a couple miles away, but maybe he wandered down from there.

Sweet! Am I supposed to be keeping a list?


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One response to “ID-ing A New Backyard Bird

  1. Gorgeous!

    Yes, keep a list, although keeping it on here is just as good. If it’s passing through you can check on it each year. If it decides to stay, you know!

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