Lizard Tree

I often see a lizard out on the big tree in the back yard.

Sunday there were two, actually the first time I’ve seen two sharing the tree.

I see multiple lizards around the yard, but they seem territorial. Rarely see two within eight or ten feet of each other.

But these guys were hanging out on opposite sides of the tree. I assume they each knew the other was there, but who knows what the cosmology is when you’re on opposite sides of the big tree?

Are there still lizard philosophers arguing about the Flat Tree vs Round Tree nature of reality?

Didn’t Kirk and Spock in the crippled Enterprise do this with Khan in the Defiant in “The Wrath of Khan?”

No paparazzi! Time to head into the bushes.

Toward sunset there was just one of them back – but I don’t know if it’s the lighting, if this is yet a third lizard on the tree, or if they’re able to change color. But he doesn’t look the same.

This guy seems more tan or brown, while the two earlier looked much darker, bordering on black.

Yet another backyard mystery!

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One response to “Lizard Tree

  1. Love lizards! As they are cold blooded they may look darker when cold. The colour wouldnt change much (within reason) but the shade would.
    I remember digging in the garden during winter, finding hibernating toads down holes, who were a wonderful almost navy blue colour. They were fine and greenish come spring!

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