Some Days

Some days you’ve listened to one too many news reports about evil monsters trying to destroy our country.

Some days you’ve read too many comments by equally evil sycophants helping to spread hate and lies.

Some days you’ve gotten one too many incredibly frustrating and annoying emails asking for an explanation of things you’ve already explained too many times using simple words and short sentences.

Some days you just keep writing and deleting emails because you’ve still got that one brain cell that knows better than to hit send.

Some days you just want to do something simple like mail a package or hang a picture and you can’t because the whole freaking world has you tied up like the Lilliputians tied up Gulliver.

Some days the only things you want to do are the things you know you’ll probably regret.

Some days you just have to hold it all inside and hope for the best.

Some days.

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One response to “Some Days

  1. Dave Flood

    Sounds like the title of a song, “Some Days.”


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