Random Old Photos – September 01st

Remember the scene in “The Princess Bride” where Inigo’s quest has hit a dead end and, stranded in the forest, he closes his eyes, prays to his murdered father to ask for guidance for his sword, and stumbles into the secret switch to the underground lair of Count Rugen where Wesley’s mostly dead body is lying? (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you are required to stop whatever you’re doing and watch one of the top ten movies ever made.)

This is like that. I’ve got a LOT of pictures going back to my first cheap digital camera in 1999, and there are thousands and thousands of negatives and slides that pre-date that which I need to get digitized and scanned some day real soon now. So let’s pick a random year and date and time and see what can make me either say, “Damn, that’s a GREAT picture!” or, more likely, makes me blow Diet Coke out my nose onto the keyboard.

No, not upside down, just a matter of perspective. Some place that it’s EXTREMELY rare for me to be. (Long story…)

What the hell was I doing on a horse??!!

It took a while, but by going through the other pictures taken in the day or two before and after this, it finally came back. But I can guarantee that I hadn’t thought of this experience for one millisecond in well over fifteen years.

As Inigo said, “I need you to guide my sword!”

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