Still Inconceivable

Four years ago I though the results of the US Presidential election were beyond belief.

I’m feeling a smidgen better tonight, but it’s a really small smidgen.

Logically I know about all of the hundreds of thousands of votes still uncounted and that won’t be counted in some cases for days or even weeks. I know what the polling numbers have been in the last few weeks and I know what the record voter turnout should mean. I still think that when all is said and done Joe Biden will be the US President and the toxic embarrassment that is in the White House now will be forced to face trial for his crimes.

But that’s still a long way from a sure thing.

And even if it does happen, it’s still incredibly disturbing to know that 45% or more of my fellow citizens are perfectly all right voting for this vile, disgusting, evil person, even after his ignorance and contempt for this country have killed 250,000 of us and shattered our country’s standing in the world.

We have so much work still to do.

I had dared to hope that we were better than this, that we would have learned, that we could make better, more informed choices this time.

I was wrong.

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