I Don’t Have A Cat – Or A Dog

This is the classic “I haven’t posted anything today and I’m still busier than God at 23:54 so, quick! Post a picture of my cat!” time.

But I don’t have a cat. Or a dog. And I don’t have any new pictures of the birds or lizards out in the yard.

But at least February is only five minutes away from being over.

That’s a good thing.


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4 responses to “I Don’t Have A Cat – Or A Dog

  1. Kat

    You have my permission to post pictures of my cat!

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    • 🤣 The only subtext was aimed squarely at all of the posts I’ve done over the years which originate from the “Shit! Look at the time! What’s here in my office that I can take a blurry, ‘artsy’ photo of??!!” With the sure knowledge that the next one is probably only days (hours?) away!

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