The Doctor Welcomes March

Because March is warm and sunny (so far, small sample size) and Doctor Lizardo loves it when it’s warm and sunny!

Doc L is adjusting well to having a different car parked in his favorite spot. He was very used to the Volvo being there, it was lower to the ground and afforded him some protection from the “Death From Above!” hawks and crows.

Now he’s a bit more exposed, but also getting a bit more sun, so it’s a tradeoff he’s willing to make.

As before, he seems willing to let me get closer than any of the other lizards in the yard will allow.

Granted, I’m using a big telephoto lens, so I’m still 7-8 feet away, but most of them scurry as soon as I come out the front door. Not the Good Doctor!

On the other hand, let’s get real! There are limits. Take that extra half step around in front and kneel down to get a closeup? That would be a big nope, he’s ready to duck under the catalytic converter for protection. My move…

I like Doctor Lizardo, he’s my favorite, so I backed up slowly and gave him his space in the sun. Who am I to be going and harshing his mellow?

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