New Lizard – I Shall Call Him ‘Tux’

Spring is springing!

It’s gotten warm again. Dr. Lizardo has finally shown up again and is lording over the front yard from his spot underneath the van’s tires, as always. I was getting a bit worried, I hadn’t seen him in about two weeks, even though there had been dozens of tiny, young hatchlings running about. There are a bunch of little dudes in the back yard as well, but today I noticed this much larger, new guy lounging in the sun.

He was cool, chillin’ (or rather, “warmin'”) on the edge of this strip of wood. I figured this would be as good of a picture of him that I would get since I expected him to bolt as soon as I looked his way.

But he stuck around, and it was immediately obvious that he has some very distinctive markings on his belly.

His belly and the underside of his arms and throat are bright white, while the rest of him is quite dark.

He let me get several steps closer before he gave me the stink eye, so I backed off. But look at those long, LONG fingers!

He looks like he’s wearing a tuxedo, so I shall call him “Tux!”

Because I can.


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2 responses to “New Lizard – I Shall Call Him ‘Tux’

  1. I know some of our newts show bright colours when they’re in breeding ‘plumage’ . Maybe Tux is all dressed up with a date in mind 🙂

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