Flowers – Evening Primrose

A week or so ago I talked about a new patch of flowers that I had found around the corner of the house, partially hidden from normal view, a surprise after three years of living here.

The little daisy-like flowers on the right-hand side were featured in that earlier post.

Over on the left were more of these – a LOT more.

There are a couple of them down by the mailbox, but I didn’t know what they were. And there are literally just five or six flowers down there. Here there are dozens of them.

I’m not as good with flowers as I am with birds, so I finally dug around today and found a nice online site for ID’s my photography subjects.

These apparently are “evening primrose.”

I suspect if I put a time lapse camera they would be pointing the opposite direction about 10:00 when the sun pops over that fence to their east, and over the course of the day they would move to track the sun.

At the interface between the little, tiny daisies and the evening primrose.

Tucked way in the back are two baby palm trees. I’m pretty certain they weren’t planted here deliberately – more likely to be the spawn of some of those huge palms across the street that you see in every astrophotography picture of the western horizon. Give it twenty or thirty years and they’ll be fifty feet tall, just like their parents. (And destroying that fence behind them.)

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