Doctor Lizardo Returns For The Summer?

You remember Doctor Lizardo, who always hung out underneath the van in the driveway? At the end of last fall she had apparently lost her tail but had gotten some very nice green scaly highlights. Then it looked like she had pretty much grown her tail back out and was seen a few times in the spring. Now I think she’s back, although there may have been another small bit of color change.

This was taken a week ago, while the van was still here.

There’s another lizard that’s been showing up here from time to time, much darker, almost black, and with a missing tail.

I thought that The Doctor was gone and a different color, but looking back through the photos and posts, I think this might be her.

The green shading is gone, and it was quite distinctive in November, but that might be seasonal or temporary.

I notice that the rest of the coloring is very similar to the previous photos.

But what I really notice is the re-grown tail on this lizard. I know that the Good Doctor had lost her tail just before going into hibernation in the fall.

Now this critter has the full tail, but it’s very prominent where it grew back. The scaling is completely different from that point back. In addition, this lizard didn’t get spooked at all by me, even though I was within five feet or so, and that was always a trait of Doctor Lizardo.

Is she back? Is this her? Maybe some of you can compare scale patterns and colors to the pictures from November and earlier last year and see what you think!

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