Random Old Photos – May 28th

Going way back, near the start of my digital photography era. September, 2000, in Chicago for Worldcon.

I had a tiny Epson point-and-shoot digital camera, 640×640 (0.4 megapixel) resolution. (For reference, my 2005 Canon DSLR is 8 megapixels, my 2007 Canon is 10 megapixels, current Canons are 24 megapixels and up – and iPhones from model 7 through model 12 are 12 megapixels.) So the image size and quality is “marginal” even compared to early smartphones.

This image is from the morning that I was up early to start packing for the return flight to LA. Navy Pier’s in the center along with Chicago River.

It occurs to me that while I grew up for a while (junior high school years) in the Chicago suburbs, and I’ve been back at least two or three times for conventions, I haven’t ever been back there as an adult to be a tourist and just hang around and see the sights. I’ve seen the Picasso sculpture and the Adler Planetarium and the Shedd Aquarium and Grant Park and the Museum of Science and Industry – but all just once each, on school field trips. I’ve never been back to see them and spend as much time as I want and on my own schedule without worrying about a teacher yelling at me to get back on the bus or be left behind.

It would be really nice to do that some day.


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