Watch – Out!

As Adam Savage is fond of saying, “Well THERE‘s your problem!”

The Long-Suffering Wife was minding her own business, out on errands, when her Apple Watch spontaneously disassembled itself.

She has the screen, grabbed it as it was falling off. But see all of those really, REALLY tiny wires?

I suspect they’re important. I can solder and run a test meter and do some fundamental electronics work – but THAT’s way above my pay grade.

Um…yeah. That’s not going to just snap back together.

I’m not upset. It’s not like it was new and we need to go to the Apple Store and demand to “talk to the manager.” It was a Series 2, and its replacement will be a Series 6, so in “computer years” it was probably living on borrowed time for at least the last year or longer.

The additional benefit is that it makes it brain-dead simple to figure out what to get her for her birthday later in the month. And thanks to the internet and FedEx, she’ll get it tomorrow!


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3 responses to “Watch – Out!

  1. All the same, it must have been a shock for LSW when her wrist suddenly exploded!

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  2. berich56

    It was the microchips that Bill Gates put in the vaccine that destroyed the Apple watch!! :-}

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