Mt San Jacinto State Park – Part One Of Three

I took a few minutes to start sorting through the pictures from the anniversary trip two weeks ago. I’ve mentioned that we took the Palm Springs Aerial Tram up to the top of Mt San Jacinto and once there I took a couple hours to hike the Desert View Trail.

From the upper terminal of the tram, you descend about 180 feet in elevation down a twisting, paved path.

At the bottom you find yourself in Long Valley.

Unlike the desert floor in Palm Springs, over a mile in elevation behind you, up here there’s a pine forest.

It’s a state wilderness park, so some of the trees are down and left that way, naturally.

After a flat and easy quarter-mile hike, the trail starts to get slightly more difficult, getting rockier, narrower, and rising a bit.

Stay on the trails! Not that you could get too lost up here (there are a fair number of other hikers) but because we want to preserve the wilderness areas.

The textures, the details, the sights are everywhere.

The trees are really tall and spectacular.

After going back up about 200 feet in elevation, you get to Notch One, where you can look down onto the desert valley floor below you.

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  1. Mmm, my not-so-early morning tree post. Thanks 🙂


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