No Perseids For You

The Perseids meteor shower peaked tonight. (As always, it started a couple days ago, it will go for another couple of days, tonight was just the peak.)

We’ve got clouds. Middle of a freakin’ drought where it’s clear and a million about 99% of the time, we get clouds. But no rain.

The gods hate me.

On the other hand, we did get some very nice crepuscular rays at sunset due to those broken clouds, so it wasn’t a total bust.

The two day old crescent moon is behind those clouds somewhere, as is a very bright Venus, so maybe tomorrow night we’ll be able to go back to conjunction photos.


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One response to “No Perseids For You

  1. Havent seen any this year, but haven’t really looked, even though one or two nights have been, feasible if not clear.. Often see them well before and after the so-called peak, though. 🙂

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